As you throw away the mind that yourself has made up from your life and your habits, you gradually get better.

  1. Negative thoughts vanish and your face gets brighter.

We automatically take pictures of what we see, hear, and experience into our mind. As all sorts of things happen around us, a lot of negative mind has been unintentionally built up. Sometimes, people are not even aware of how much negative thoughts they have stored in their mind. As you bring up the pictures taken from your life and throw them away, the negative thoughts also vanish from your mind. Negative thoughts also release negative energy. As they disappear, your face gets brighter. Your appearance changes to the best style you can have.

  1. Your health improves and illnesses get cured.

All illnesses are rooted from mind. The more one feels stressful, the more likely one gets sick physically. Too much greed or too high expectations and standards could make them sick. For some people, scars in their mind (e.g. getting hurt from some relationship with others) make their mind suffer. This, in turn, makes them sick physically. As you throw away your mind, thoughts, and habits, your mind gets healthy. As we already know, healthy mentality will give you healthy body!

  1. All kinds of useless thoughts disappear. You live in the world beyond your own mind world.

As you throw away your human mind, it truly disappears because it is not your original mind. Then, the original mind, Universe mind, remains. In the Universe mind, there is not a single thought that bothers you. It is the super positive mind, full of gratitude and humbleness. It is truly beyond the world you have been living in.

  1. No matter what you are given, you carry out tasks with the truthful heart. Your efficiency increases by more than 10 times.

Without any disturbing thoughts, you are able to do your work fully in your working hours. On top of that, you are able to carry out given tasks with the truthful heart. This is the key to your success. You cannot fail no matter what you do with this mindset. Your productivity increases by more than 10 times.

  1. The thoughts that go back and forth vanish. Your fatigue disappears. You eat less.

Before meditating, you cannot control your thoughts that always come up and go away repeatedly. Because of millions of thoughts every day, you feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Sometimes, you find it difficult to sleep soundly. After clearing them, you feel refreshed and not tired. Your energy consumption reduces with no more thoughts, you do not feel craving and eat less.

  1. Always comfortable, peaceful, and happy

Try this meditation. Then, you will know what it really means by living happily. Unbelievably, you feel comfortable, peaceful, and happy. More amazingly, this feeling never goes away no matter what happens to you. It will be yours forever!

  1. Confident in everything you do

Your worries and feelings of insecurity and uncertainty about yourself (like your career) disappear. These kinds of mind have made you less confident and question about your life. They are only formed from your pictures. They disappear when you learn to throw them away. Finding your true mind and living with the true self brings you confidence.

  1. You live with longevity. You live your life complete.

You live healthily for long life. But it is truly worthwhile living as you will live your life complete. You become complete and live truly.