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Hong Kong Meditation

Futile Human Life

Futile Human Life

The human mind is one of hunger
that tries to fill oneself
with even more minds of hunger.
It is a habit of this mind to want to be filled;
but no matter how a person with this mind tries,
it can never be filled.
This is the reason he suffers.
The world changes along with time that flies by
but everything that happened over the years remain in his mind.
These stories have become his self, driving him raving mad;
and he does not know that they are just illusion.
Such is the reason human life is in vain;
this is why it is the life of a non-existent illusion.

From Despair To Hope

From Despair To Hope

There were people living in the world even a long time ago. The many people who lived in the world throughout the ages have all disappeared, silently and without a trace. While they lived, they were attached to the realities of their daily lives and they suffered because of their minds of possession, but despite all of their agonizing over the meaningless events of life, no trace of them remains. Ultimately, there is no meaning in human life.

The only way for man to live forever and escape from suffering and burden is to die while he is still living. Only then can he find his true self. His true self is God who remains when he is dead.

Even if all people and the world disappear, what remains is the existence without form, taste, scent, sight, hearing and feeling. That is, the existence – for which these minds have completely ceased – remains: the original foundation. If one is reborn from the original foundation, he and the world become eternal and never-dying immortals, and both the world and man live, for they become God that never dies.

Discarding falseness and becoming real is the only path to life. People want to become real but at the same time keep the falseness; there are not many people who know that they can only become real if they throw away what is false. They have such strong attachments to their falseness that they look for Truth within it. They do not know that Truth does not exist within falseness – that is how foolish people are. The right way, or the answer, is to discard falseness so that only Truth remains, and to be reborn as Truth.

– Woo Myung

From <Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World of Happiness. Live There Forever>

Enter into the Season of Truth

Enter into the Season of Truth

Following the passage of time
the world, the rivers, the mountains, and I, change.
Before fleeting human life existed
the world existed,
as did the original world that brought forth the world.

The original world always just existed,
just as it is, without change
from before the beginning and until an eternity afterward,
regardless of man’s existence.
But man who lives within the years
passes away with the years.
From ancient times many spoke of life’s transience –
that it is like a drifting cloud,
a floating weed;
that human life truly does not exist.
But no one knew what this meant.

Now that I have entered into the season of becoming Truth
I know that human life is futile;
that the life man lives simply passes away in this world.
Now that I have become Truth and I know Truth,
I know that what the elders said of human life is true –
man in unable to become one with the world;
he engraves the world in his mind
and inside that world he lives as an illusion.
His life is just a picture.

Many people risk their life to succeed
in this false and meaningless life
but this is just their own mind.
It is when one’s mind has become the mind of Truth
that he does not live in the false world but in the true world.
It was not possible to know Truth
because no one knew or had become Truth.
However, the time to enter into the season has now come:
To enter into the season is to become Truth
and that time is now.

Ideal Literature and The Ideal World

Ideal Literature and The Ideal World

We think of the ideal as something that cannot possibly be realized – a hollow idea. However, the ideal is to achieve the state of completion, which is the ultimate goal of man, and such is its true meaning.

Ideal literature can guide man to the level of completion, and one that has an accompanying method and plan.

Because man is incomplete he has tried to become complete through religions or other forms of meditation, but it was never achieved because until now, the method to do so did not exist.

Since man has the world of his own mind in which he lives, only when this world is destroyed and he becomes one with the mind of the world, the world of the origin, can the human race become one and man become complete. Only then can his sould and spirit become an eternally-living, never-dying immortal.

When we return to the mind of the origin, everyone will have the mind of wisdom, the mind of oneness. The human race will be able to live in peace forever.

Man thinks that only what is in his mind and is his, is right. However, the mind of man is the mind of pictures taken of the world and is not reality; it is false and untrue. There is nothing right within it.

The ideal literature will have the method and plan for what man has been aiming to achieve – the education of the whole person – and when this happens the ideal world will begin.

The ideal world is a complete world where people are not discontented with reality. It is a world that lacks nothing, free from all the preconceptions and habits of the human world. Only when one returns to the mind of the origin, can man’s mind shed all suffering and can he become a person of true freedom. Then he will live for others because he will not lack anything.

Through this literature, countless people all over the world have discarded their false selves. Through the method to become a complete person, they are becoming complete. Therefore, this is not delusion, illusion or fiction but ideal literature that can be fulfilled in reality.

Until now, the human race was incomplete because the method to discard one’s self and mind world and return to the origin did not exist. Now that it does not exist, the human race will become complete.

Through the ideal literature, the ideal world will be realized. Falseness will become Truth, and man’s false mind will be changed to the real mind of God when he discards his self and his mind world. When man becomes the real mind of the origin, God’s mind, he will always be happy, for he will no longer lack anything and be free from suffering and agonies.

If literature does not contain a method to discard oneself it is simply the stuff of daydreams and delusions; but if it does it is ideal literature tha can be realized.

The Time of Subtraction When Man Can Fulfill Human Completion Has Begun

The Time of Subtraction When Man Can Fulfill Human Completion Has Begun

Man is born with a mind that wants to possess, so he seeks satisfaction and happiness through possession. However, there is no end to such means; ultimately, he cannot be satisfied or happy.

All greed arises from his mind of inferiority and when he is not able to have or achieve what he wants, this turns into feelings of regret and bitterness. Only when he discards his greed, will those feelings of regret and bitterness truly disappear.

Until now, man has lived trying to possess what he can because of his mind that wants to make everything his. At present, this is the way all people live.

The world is in a state of instability; people have lost their trust in each other and they live struggling to appease their feelings of inferiority. Rather than learning how to possess more, in this age learning how not to possess is the way to become complete and live a better life. This is because instead of just thinking that we must discard money in our minds, we will be able to carry it out into action.

A mind full of greed is always anguished; and a life lived following one’s anguish is without action; it is a life with thoughts leading only to more thoughts.

If the past was the age of adding to one’s mind, now is the age of subtracting what is in his mind. A person who subtracts his minds in this time will recover his original nature. Consequently, the whole human race will become one and the world will become complete because everyone will live for others and the world.

Human completion is becoming God’s mind by subtracting all of one’s own minds. One will then be able to live well for he will have wisdom and his mind that is the Soul and Spirit will live eternally.

Subtracting all human mind – all the mind one has, that he has “eaten (consumed)” – is completion.

The Definition of Truth

The Definition of Truth

Truth is an everlasting, never-changing and living existence. This is the correct definition of Truth. The existence that is everlasting, never-changing and alive is the body, Jung, and mind, Shin, of the Universe, which existed before the great Universe. This existence is the sky before sky: the emptiness that is the great Universe itself. It is Truth and the very Soul and Spirit of the great Universe.

It is a metaphysical entity that exists, of and by itself, in all creations. It is the source and the origin of all things. It does not exist yet it does exist; although it exists, it has no form. It cannot be seen or known by the human mind; it is only possible to now this existence when one’s mind goes beyond his human mind and becomes one with this existence. If one is reborn as the Soul and Spirit of this existence, he is Truth and can live forever without death. This existence exists, as the Universe itself. Regardless of the countless creations that come and go it just exists, as the body and mind of the never-dying immortal origin. This existence is Truth. Unless one’s Soul and Spirit is reborn in the land of this existence, nothing is eternal. Being reborn as the Soul and Spirit, in the land of the Soul and Spirit – the origin of all material form – is the completion of the Universe. This is what is meant by becoming Truth.