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Hong Kong Meditation

“The mind that I had before was
like a dirty house
but I didn’t know it at that time.
I just didn’t have any idea that
I had been holding onto all of this junk.
After meditating now I have beautiful home
and it’s just so peaceful to be inside now.”
Tamara / USA

“The pamphlet said ‘get rid of your mind
and get instead the universe mind,’
which is great.
Everybody benefits.
And, the goal is not only to be stress free
but is actually to get into the universe mind world.”
Jan / Sweden

“As I meditated,
I gained much greater than I expected.
It’s something that I’ve never expected.
To me, it’s very natural and peaceful feeling.
It’s simple, easy to follow.
It’s something you have to do.
Experience it.”
Ting / Taiwan

“This meditation is a little bit different
because it’s more like reflecting on ourselves
and we actually get to know more who we are.”
Aiko / Japan

“It’s just amazing. I’m just so at peace.
There is an inner joy that I cannot even describe.
I’m not anxious about anything. It’s just so wonderful.
Everything looks different because my whole perspective has changed.”
Rhona Dyson / USA

“Now, I am able to see the things I don’t like about myself,
and I’m able to get rid of that.
I have opportunity to change.
Try the method to discard those thoughts,
and then see what happens.”
Azizah / USA

“It’s just so good to get up in the morning
and look forward to the day rather than
feeling stressed about stuff that you have to do
and stuff that you can’t do.
That’s pretty amazing.”

Aidan Conway / Ireland

“I’ve opened up and become so much more peaceful.
My mind is so much more at ease. I am truly smiling like really joyful inside.
Amazing feeling to just so calm,
and just not overthinking things all the time.”

Rebecca King / Australia