Futile Human Life

Futile Human Life The human mind is one of hunger that tries to fill oneself with even more minds of hunger. It is a habit of this mind to want to be filled; but no matter how a… Read More

From Despair To Hope

From Despair To Hope There were people living in the world even a long time ago. The many people who lived in the world throughout the ages have all disappeared, silently and without a trace. While they lived,… Read More

Enter into the Season of Truth

Enter into the Season of Truth Following the passage of time the world, the rivers, the mountains, and I, change. Before fleeting human life existed the world existed, as did the original world that brought forth the world…. Read More

Ideal Literature and The Ideal World

Ideal Literature and The Ideal World We think of the ideal as something that cannot possibly be realized – a hollow idea. However, the ideal is to achieve the state of completion, which is the ultimate goal of… Read More

The Definition of Truth

The Definition of Truth Truth is an everlasting, never-changing and living existence. This is the correct definition of Truth. The existence that is everlasting, never-changing and alive is the body, Jung, and mind, Shin, of the Universe, which… Read More