Maum Meditation Hong Kong Skyline

Meditation is self-reflection. You can reflect on yourself and throw away your mind. You can become who you wish to be.

Currently, there are about 345 meditation centres all around the world. Many people at the centres practice to cleanse their mind and body using the simple method to become complete. The method is systematic and scientific. It can be practiced easily by everyone, regardless of their age, race, and cultural, religious, or ethnic background. Through the meditation, everyone can throw away their mind and recover the original mind, Truth, Universe. Eventually, people become complete. This is the fundamental and ultimate solution for real happiness and fulfillment.
So far, a lot of practices have been only focusing on suppressing and calming down the mind. It could temporarily help you to feel relaxed and relieved. However, it was not the perfect solution to overcome your mind in real life situations. This was one of the biggest obstacles in overcoming problems in life and living in lasting happiness. This meditation gives you the definition of human mind. Our mind is the pictures taken from our lived life into our brain. From inside the pictures, countless kinds of thinking come out. It is these pictures that prevent us from living in peace and happiness. In our entire life, we live dictated by pictures, like a slave to them. This is stress and anguish. This (i.e. human mind) is the mind we need to throw away. Because we live in our human mind world that has been formed from our lived life and thoughts, we are incomplete. Through this meditation, everyone is able to throw all of this away. Then, we can go back to our original mind that is the Universe. Reborn as the body and mind of the Universe, you are truly free from all of your stress and anguished thoughts, find peace in mind, and live in happiness. As Truth comes into your mind, you are able to live in wisdom knowing all the principles of the world. Upon human completion, your life is worth living! You can truly enjoy every single moment of your life with gratitude.
This meditation method is guided step-by-step to ensure that you can achieve human completion in the easiest and quickest way. There are seven levels to go to the human completion. Even after completing the first level you will enlighten your true mind that is infinite, complete serenity and freedom.